Leaders of State-owned enterprises (SOEs) will be replaced if restructuring/equitisation process is not implemented seriously and efficiently, reported the Government Portal.

Besides, leaders of State’s economic corporations and groups must focus on improving management capacity, making public their business performance as regulated.

Ministers, Chairmen of provincial People’s Committees, and Chairmen of the Members' Councils of economic groups are responsible for the outcomes of SOE restructuring/equitisation, according to the Office of Government’s announcement released on March 4.

The above regulations are part of the Government’s drastic effort to boost the restructuring/equitisation process. Within 2014-2015, the Government set the target to equitise 432 SOEs.

At the recent Government’s monthly meeting, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung asked for real progress in restructuring SOEs.

Speaking at the conference on SOE restructuring last February, PM Dung stressed that SOEs restructuring is the “Government’s central task.”

He said that Government will issue a resolution on measures to accelerate the SOE re-arrangement and equitisation, and withdraw of State’s capital from enterprises.

PM Dung will also sign a Directive on beefing up SOE restructuring through 2015 and a Decision on norms and classification of SOEs.

The three documents are expected to create favorable conditions for SOE restructuring in the time to come.-VNA