Gov't funds aid Kien Giang's marine economy hinh anh 1Fishing vessels anchor at An Thoi Port in Mekong Delta, Kien Giang Province. (Source: VNA)

Kien Giang (VNA) - The marine economy in Mekong Delta’s Kien Giang province has developed rapidly over the past five years after local government investment of 111 trillion VND (5 billion USD) in the 2011 – 15 period.

Funds earmarked for marine infrastructure and national defense contribute up to 80 percent of the province’s total investment budget, according to Kien Giang Province’s People’s Committee.

The funds have been used to build and upgrade the seaports, airports and transport systems of Phú Quốc Island and surrounding islands, including Lai Son, An Son, Tho Chau, and the sheltering area for boats in Kien Hai district.

Electricity grids on Phu Quoc Island, and Hon Tre Island in Kien Hai district were built amongst other projects.

The projects helped improve conditions for people living in coastal regions and islands in the province.

Pham Vu Hong, chairman of the Kien Giang provincial People’s Committee, said the province’s marine economy had developed well, growing on average 11 percent per annum.

The marine economy contributes 73 percent to Kien Giang’s GDP. Fishing, aquaculture, marine services, seafood processing and marine tourism have made strong progress in the past five years.

With better infrastructure, the province has been able to attract strategic investors to Phu Quoc Island.

Between 2016 and 2020, the province will continue to invest further in socio-economic infrastructure, making Kien Giang one of the most developed provinces in the country.

The province will invest further in major projects, including the Southern Corridor between Ha Tien town and Rach Gia city, Ho Chi Minh Highway from Lo Te T-junction (Can Tho City) to Rach Soi ward (Rach Gia city) and other major roads in the locality.

The province also plans to invest in electricity for agriculture and aquaculture production, and the upgrading of roads on the islands of Kien Hai, Kien Luong, Phu Quoc district and in Ha Tien town.

Marine tourism development is a priority in Kien Giang, with the aim of turning Phu Quoc Island into an advanced eco-tourism area for the region and wider world.

The maritime economy will also be a focus, with seaport services and shipbuilding receiving investment to satisfy growing demand for cargo and passenger transportation to Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia.-VNA