The Government Inspectorate will carry out six major inspections in the third quarter of this year, heard a conference on the sector’s tasks for the second half of the year in Hanoi on July 16.

The inspections will focus on the handling of complaints and denunciations and efforts to fight corruption in central Thanh Hoa province, land and forest allocation in southern Binh Phuoc province as well as the management and use of capital and assets at the Vietnam Railway Corporation.

The operation of the Deposit Insurance of Vietnam will be examined to see whether it complies with the law in ensuring the safety for the credit system and people’s interests while the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Culture will be inspected to ensure it fulfill its responsibility in implementing a national target programme on culture.

Also in the third quarter, the Government Inspectorate will check the implementation of the laws on social insurance and health insurance at enterprises.

In addition, the agency plans to conduct a large-scale thematic inspection on the management of public investment and settlement of outstanding debts sourced by the State budget and government bonds.

The agency is also coordinating with relevant agencies in drafting a joint circular on commending individuals with outstanding achievements in uncovering corrupt acts.

Regarding the recent ninth breakdown of a water pipe from Song Da River to Hanoi, which seriously affected the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in the capital, Deputy Chief Inspector Tran Duc Luong emphasised the need for a comprehensive inspection of this project.

According to the agency’s report, in the first half of the year, the sector carried out nearly 4,000 administrative inspections and over 85,000 specialised examinations, detecting violations involving almost 10 trillion VND (476 million USD) and 1,100 ha of land.

It proposed punishments on 533 collectives and 1,133 individuals while 18 cases and 24 people were transferred to investigation agencies for criminal treatment.

In the period, the number of complaints and accusations fell 15.8 percent, with 55 percent of them relating to land.

Inspectors also brought to light five corruption cases with 13 people involved and more than 1.3 billion VND (47,600 USD).-VNA