Gov't members to answer queries from NA hinh anh 1Chairman of the National Assembly Office Nguyen Hanh Phuc (Photo:Internet)

 At the upcoming Q&A session at the ongoing National Assembly plenary session, Government members will be questioned, Nguyen Hanh Phuc, Chairman of the National Assembly Office, told the newspaper Thoi bao Kinh te Viet Nam (Vietnam Economic Times).

* In your opinion, what's special about the last session of the 13th National Assembly?

The session is being held at the final stage of the 13th legislature of the National Assembly. I would say the session agenda this time is very heavy. It is expected to last 31 working days, from October 20 to November 28. During that period, the deputies will spend 19 days on discussion and approve 18 laws and 16 resolutions while also giving their opinions on eight draft laws.

Among the laws to be approved at this session are those relating to the judiciary sector, covering areas of investigation, supervision, trial and court ruling execution.

During this full house meeting, lawmakers will discuss legal documents governing human rights and citizens' rights in line with the 2013 Constitution. This is a step aiming to create a Vietnamese State of the people, for the people and by the people.

During the month long session, the deputies will spend 12 days to discuss the implementation of the 2015 socio-economic development task and the State budget. In addition, the deputies will also discuss plans for 2016 socio-economic development and the state budget projection and allocation.

Other topics for discussion during the 12 days include the review of national programmes in the period from 2011-2015; discussion of a proposal for a national target programme from 2016-2020; the inclusion of comments and suggestions on a plan for socio-economic development and finance over the next five years; and the mid-term public investment plan for 2016-2020.

During the full house meeting, the deputies will discuss 30 Government reports, including a discussion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TP), reports on court executions, the fight against corruption and prevention, and others.

Other topics that will be discussed at the full house meeting include Vietnam's policy on the management and use of land from State-owned farms and forestry from 2004-2014.

Last but not least, during the 31-day meeting, the deputies will adopt a decision to establish a National Election Council; to elect the Chairman of the National Election Council and the National Assembly General Secretary; to approve the Vice Chairman and members of the National Election Council; and to decide the election day for the National Assembly and the People's Councils at different levels.

* It was reported that the names of government members to be questioned for the Q&A session will be kept secret until the last moment. Is that right?

The Q&A session this time will last two-and-a-half days. But the questions will be general, not focused on one topic, like what happened in the previous Q&A sessions. Deputies to be questioned will be all Government members, including the PM. But prior to the session, the Government will present a report on the Government's implementation of National Assembly resolutions on its supervisory missions during the 13th National Assembly legislature. The National Assembly will also present an appraisal report on the Government's supervisory missions' report.

After listening to the Government's report and the National Assembly's appraisal report, the deputies will then start the Q&A session. Of course, during the Q&A session, the PM will be there and might give answers to any questions needing further explanation. Following the Q&A session, the National Assembly may issue a resolution to serve as a reference for the National Assembly Legislature. This is the first time that the National Assembly is taking action to ensure the continuity of the supervisory role from the previous legislature to the next legislature.

* The full house meeting of the National Assembly is taking place at a time many local Party Congresses are being held. It means there are some changes in the personnel at local party leadership. Do you think these changes will make the Q&A atmosphere less tense than previous ones?

It is too early to give any comment on that. We have to wait to see what will happen. But, as the people's representatives, the deputies must hold high their responsibility toward their voters.-VNA