The Government has recently issued a resolution which stipulates key missions and measures to improve business environment and raise national competitiveness, the Government news portal reported.

The Government tasked ministries, agencies and localities to focus on strategic breakthroughs, economic restructuring and transformation of growth model.

It proposed more preferential policies to mobilise non-state resources in favour of infrastructure investment, IT applications in all branches and sectors, renovation of management, production and services as well as higher national competitiveness.

It also targets to improve education quality especially at tertiary education and vocational training and develop human resources, especially high-quality human resources.

In the 2014-2015 period, the Government will focus on improving business environment and speeding up the administrative reform.

By late 2015, Vietnam will be able to reach the medium level of the ASEAN+6 group.

Ministries, agencies and localities are responsible for reviewing administrative procedures for amendments, the resolution says.-VNA