Providing high quality vocational training for workers in key economic sectors and zones as well as vocational training for rural workers are two of the country’s most important strategic tasks for 2011.

The Deputy Director of the Vocational Training Directorate under the Ministry of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs (MoLISA) Cao Van Sam said that this year, the agency will focus on the high demand for recruitment in the fields of mechanical electronics, welding, computer programming, electronics, garments&footwear, finance&banking, food processing, management, human resources, carpentry&fine arts, home décor, construction and architecture.

The agency will also invest in training for seasonal jobs such as caretakers, cleaners and salespeople, he said, adding that it is looking towards a joint training model for schools and businesses that provide on site vocational training and human resources.

According to the MoLiSA’s vocational training development project between now and 2020, the country’s key industries will need around 800,000 trained workers, including 530,000 for the garments sector, 151,000 for the electricity sector, 50,000 for the shipbuilding industry and 15,000 for machinery assembly industries.

The project’s main aim is to provide vocational training for rural workers, which will help to reduce poverty.

The ministry is striving to give 800,000 farmers further training in 2011 and at least 70 percent of them should access employment after completing their training./.