Gov’t to fine minerals, water resources violations hinh anh 1Holes created by sand mining along a riverbank in Ban Pen hamlet, Duong Quang commune, Bac Kan city, Bac Kan province (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) - The Government has issued a decree on punishments for administrative violations in the minerals and water resources sectors, imposing fines ranging from 250 million VND (11,125 USD) to 2 billion VND (89,000 USD).

Administrative violations in the water resources sector involve violations in the inspection, planning, surveying, exploitation and use of water resources; violations in reservoirs and reservoir operations; and violations in water resources protection, among others.

Violations in the minerals sector include breaking regulations related to surveying and exploring minerals, mineral exploitation auction, using geological inspection information; and violations of benefits to localities and residents where minerals are exploited.

Under Decree No 33/2017/NĐ-CP, individuals and organisations who are caught violating water resources can be subject to a maximum penalty of 250 million VND (11,125 USD) and 500 million VND (22,250 USD), respectively. Breaking rules in mineral exploitation can attract fines of 1 billion VND (44,500 USD) and 2 billion VND (89,000 USD) for individuals and organisations, respectively.

Offenders can be slapped with additional penalties, depending on the scale of violation. The additional penalties include the withdrawal of licences on surveying, exploitation and use of minerals and water resources from between one and 24 months; suspension of project operations from one to 12 months; and confiscation of exhibits and mineral specimen.

Culprits will also have to take measures to undo the effects of the violations on pollution and environment.-VNA