Grassroots democracy helps tap people’s potential, creativity: Party leader hinh anh 1Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong. (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) – The implementation of regulations on grassroots democracy has helped tap the potential and creativity of the people in dealing with issues of localities and the country, Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong said at the national conference on grassroots democracy on July 16.

In June 1997, the third plenum of the Party Central Committee, 8th tenure, adopted a resolution on bringing into play the people’s right to mastery. To concretise the resolution, on February 18, 1998, the Politburo, 8th tenure, issued Directive 30 on building and implementing regulations on grassroots democracy.

Most recently, on January 7, 2016, the Politburo, 11th tenure, issued Conclusion 120 on continuing to push forward and improve the quality of the building and implementation of grassroots democracy regulations. 

The enforcement of Grassroots Democracy Regulations is the main theme of the national conference on July 16, which is held by the Central Steering Committee for the work.

General Secretary Trong took note of positive outcomes of the enforcement of grassroots democracy regulations over the past time, especially the heightened awareness about democracy and democracy enforcement of Party committees, authorities, the Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF), socio-political organisations, officials, Party members, public workers, and people of all walks of life.

He attributed the encouraging achievements to the attention that Party committees, authorities, the VFF and socio-political organisations have paid to the work, and the approval and warm response of society.

At the same time, the Party leader pointed out outstanding problems in enforcing grassroots democracy regulations, one of which is the slow and inadequate work in popularizing policies and laws relating to grassroots democracy in some localities and agencies.

He said violations of democracy still occur, resulting in public discontent and leading to petitions involving large number of people, especially in the enforcement of policies and laws on land, land compensation and relocation of residents.

At the same time, General Secretary Trong underlined that democracy is exploited by a number of people to make illegitimate demands or defy the law. Some people are incited by hostile forces to involve in illegal activities in the name of democracy.

He stressed that enforcing regulations on grassroots democracy must continue to be a regular task, thus creating a momentum for socio-economic development, improving people’s life and welfare, and achieving social equity.

In parallel with enforcing democracy, attention must be paid to upholding the rule of law and promoting social and citizen responsibility, the Party chief said.

He urged State administrative agencies and administrations at all levels to listen more to the people, promptly respond to the people’s opinions and petitions, and improve the ethics and service quality of the contingent of public employees.

The Party General Secretary underlined that one of the factors decisive to the effectiveness of the enforcement of grassroots democracy is the role played by the heads of Party committees and administrations at all levels and of agencies and organisations.

He demanded that secretaries of every Party committee and key officials of State agencies, all-level administrations and organisations must exercise real democracy and transparency in their work while leading by example in fighting bureaucracy, corruption and wastefulness.

Discussions at the conference focused on the institutionalization of the Party’s guidelines and viewpoints in Directive 30-CT/TW and Conclusion 120, solutions to enhance the effectiveness of settling complaints and petitions.

They also shared views on the role of socio-political organisations and experience of localities in implementing grassroots democracy regulations.-VNA