Thirty pharmaceutical businesses and 62 medicine products were awarded the prize "Vietnamese Medicine Star" by the Ministry of Health April 22.

The prize is part of projects titled By Vietnam First and Vietnamese Medicine Path run by the ministry to support the domestic pharmaceutical sector.

The project is said to improve the reputation of the domestic pharmaceutical sector to the public and to strengthen the responsibilities of doctors in prescribing, safe medicines at lower prices.

According to the ministry's report, after two years of implementation, the cost of medicines in hospitals and health departments has fallen by 35.5 percent over previous years.

The numbers of made-in-Vietnam medicines winning bids in hospitals have doubled, said the ministry.

Domestic pharmaceutical products account for more than 57 percent of medicines used in hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City.

Speaking at the award ceremony, Nguyen Thien Nhan, a politburo member and Chairman of Central Committee of the Fatherland Front, said he appreciated the ministry's project.-VNA