The second comprehensive European event on sustainable business development, named Green-Biz 2011 – European Green Business Solutions for Vietnam, closed in HCM City with business and Government officials calling it a major success for green business industry in Vietnam.

The event opened up new opportunities for sustainable green solutions and technologies in Vietnam and raised awareness about Vietnam 's efforts in sustainable development, climate change, green technology and green investments, according to the event organiser.

"With this event, we hope to encourage sustainable green solutions for Vietnam, the Vietnamese Government will need to continue their good work on a system of incentives, which may include better enforcement of laws, regulations and procedures and giving more incentives for SMEs, to ensure that more and more companies invest in green technologies," European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (EuroCham), Chairman and co-organiser Alain Cany said.

"GreenBiz 2011 has already helped both the Vietnamese Government and Vietnamese businesses raise awareness and showcase solutions that are feasible even with limited budgets," he said.

GreenBiz 2011 was organised by EuroCham, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Investment & Trade Promotion Centre in HCMC, and attracted thousands of visitors during the two-day exhibition and conference.

A wide range of topics ranging from climate change, sustainable cities and environmentally friendly technologies to green investments and sustainable transport and manufacturing strategies were discussed in HCM City with the participation of leading international and domestic experts.

Green Biz 2011 attracted 69 exhibitors, 16 sponsors and more than 2,000 specialised visitors. About 50 experts from business, government and academia who discussed the most pressing environmental challenges and suitable business solutions./.