A green hospital with right attitude towards patients has improved the image of district-level hospitals.


The General Hospital of Hai Hau district, the Red River Delta province of Nam Dinh, is always Mr. Phan Duc Hue’s choice when he is ill.

The hospital offers a good service. I have experienced some other hospitals but this is the best, Hue, a patient from Truc Ninh district, Nam Dinh province said.

Hai Hau district hospital welcomes 500 patient turns a day with 30% non-local ones. The hospital is 40,000 square-meters with beautiful landscapes within, such as a fountain, lotus pond and fruit trees, etc. The hospital has paid heed to its staff’s attitude with patients in recent years.

Tran Thi Lieu, a patient from Hai Hau district said "When a member of my family is ill, we always come here for check-ups and treatment".

Director of Hai Hau district's General Hospital Hoang Manh Viet said "Our hospital aims to satisfy patients. Staffs are not allowed to smoke in the hospital while the campus is frequently cleaned up and planted with green trees so that patients can feel comfortable here."

The hospital is among very few district-level hospitals which can conduct complicated operations. It is now equipped with 17 new dialysis machines.

The hospital was graded 100 over 100 in Attitude Improvement and 92 on Green Hospital.-VNA