Guitarist Tommy Emmanual to perform in Hanoi hinh anh 1Renown Australian guitarist Tommy Emmanuel (Source:

Renown Australian guitarist Tommy Emmanuel will perform in Hanoi on October 21, according to an announcement from the Youth Theatre on October 5.

This will be one of the nine shows he will be playing around Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, and Vietnam in October this year

Sixty-year-old Emmanuel has played guitar for five decades. Currently, he plays around 300 shows each year.

His performances feature a great sense of humour and passion which have inspired millions of music lovers around the world.

The event, jointly organised by the Youth Theatre of Vietnam, Wind Strings Entertainments and the Vietnam Fingerstyle Guitar Organisation is the third guitar finger-style show in Vietnam, aiming to develop the genre among music lovers in Vietnam.

The previous events were shows by Sungha Jung, a guitar prodigy from the Republic of Korea (RoK) in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh early this year, and the 2015 International Fingerstyle Guitar Festival in July this year.

The guitar finger-style technique involves plucking strings with fingertips, nails and finger picks rather than hitting individual notes with a plectrum.-VNA