Guol communal house, cultural symbol of Co Tu ethnic hinh anh 1Co Tu ethnic people gather at a Guol house (Photo: VNA)
Quang Nam (VNA) - A Guol house is a spiritual and cultural symbol of the Co Tu ethnic minority community in the central coastal province of Quang Nam.

In the Co Tu ethnic language, Guol means communal or community, and a Guol house is a place for administrative works, cultural activities and cultural preservation.

For the Co Tu people, a village without a Guol house is considered out of touch with their cultural traditions. A Guol house is a sacred place, where the gods and the ancestors reside.

The construction of a Guol house is very important and requires the involvement of the entire Co Tu ethnic people in a village as it would take months to complete.

In Palan village, Nam Giang district, from early morning the villagers converge at the designated location for the new Guol house, which has been placed in the center of the village.

This piece of land is on high ground, next to an ancient tree, which is considered a favorable position.

According to Zoram Pul, head of the Palan village, the village’s old Guol house faced rundown, so the villagers decided to build a new one.

It took a long time and careful planning to make sure that the new Guol house is constructed properly, and that every household has a part to play in the process.

Families will be divided into groups to look for construction materials, such as the principle columns, wood and rattan leaves. Local artisans are tasked with carving and making the Guol frame.

A complete Guol house would often take months to build.

The building of the Guol house is a continuation of the traditional cultural values and spirituality of the Palan villagers, as well as a symbol for the spring.-VNA