Hackers attack Thai Government’s websites hinh anh 1Illustrative image (Source: Internet)
Bangkok (VNA) - Hackers have launched cyber attacks on a series of the Thai Government’s websites since December 19, after the country’s parliament passed an amended computer crime law that critics consider a threat to freedom of expression.

At least six government websites were brought down on December 19. By the noon of December 21, the webpage of the Ministry of Defence remained inaccessible.

The latest victim, the government’s payment and procurement system, announced it had shut down its online system after it was hacked.

In its announcement, the Comptroller General’s Department announced its network had failed as of December 20 afternoon and its electronic system could no longer be accessed. Such systems are the platforms used for distributing funds nationwide and competitive bidding projects.

The attacks were claimed by a local Internet activist group called “Civilians against Single Gateway”.

Also on December 20, the group announced attacks would intensify from 2pm on December 21. They made a single demand that Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha must use his absolute power under Article 44 of the Constitution to scrap the law.

In response, Prayut said the attacks were illegal and those behind them failed to fully understand this issue.

Critics to the new bill said it will give the Thai Government greater control of the Internet and infringe on user privacy and freedom of expression.

The amended law would allow the Thai government to read private messages and block any website that deems to be harmful to national security, without the need for a court order.-VNA