Police in the northern city of Hai Phong arrested 41 Chinese and Taiwanese and three Vietnamese on November 4 for swindling China-based individuals using hi-tech telecom devices.

The information was released by Colonel Nguyen Duc Cuong, Head of the Hai Phong Police’s criminal desk the same day.

The Taiwanese and Chinese nationals, who entered Vietnam via different border gates, made Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) calls to fixed phone and mobile phone numbers in China to cheat the recipients with made-up swindles, such as money laundering charges or express delivery services.

Through collaboration with the Chinese police, Hai Phong police identified Lao Jia Jia, who lives in Guangxi province, as one of the victims. She was swindled out of 220,000 CNY (35,928 USD) by the group.

Hai Phong police is currently working with relevant Vietnamese and Chinese agencies to make further investigations into the case.-VNA