The administration of Tacloban city, which was flattened by super typhoon Haiyan, officially announced on November 15 that the death toll from the disaster was around 4,000, nearly double the figure declared by the Philippine Government a few days ago.

Tacloban’s figure, however, is a lower one than the 10,000 deaths originally forecast.

Meanwhile, the United Nations has quoted a source from the Philippine Government as announcing that the death toll stands at at least 4,460.

According to International Red Cross, as many as 22,000 people remain missing while hundreds of others are dealing with polluted living conditions.

Philippine Defence Minister Voltaire said security was restored in Tacloban and its neighbouring localities as more than 1,000 police were deployed in the areas.

Workers of aid agencies and local authorities are working hard in helping victims.

On November 14, the USS George Washington Strike Group -- with 5,000 sailors, and seven other ships -- arrived with badly needed equipment, manpower and expertise, giving some hope to survivors that the delivery of aid is speeding up.-VNA