Da Nang Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital has promoted hand hygiene practices in its neonatal care unit.

Hand hygiene has been singled out as the most important measure in preventing hospital-acquired infections. Campaign organisers said that health care associated infections have persisted as a major problem in the neonatal care unit.

At the launching ceremony on January 2, experts guided hand washing techniques to healthcare workers and patients’ family members. Medical workers were also taught how to clean medical equipment properly.

Many medical workers and patients’ family members have yet understood the importance of hand hygiene practices, said Suzanna Lubran, head of Newborns Vietnam Trustee.

Neonates are susceptible to infections because their host defence mechanisms are not mature. Germs on hands could lead to high risks of infant mortality, said Lubran.

In 2013, Da Nang Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital received 3,000 patients with bacterial contamination.

The campaign has so far been launched at 16,000 clinics all over the world.-VNA