Vietnam’s export of handicraft products in 2013 is expected to rake in 1.5 to 1.6 billion USD, equal to last year’s figure and about 1.5 percent of the global market share, according to the Import-Export Department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

To realise this, domestic producers and exporters are urged to seek new outlets in the emerging markets of Brazil , Russia, India and China , along with traditional markets in the US , Japan and the EU.

Industry experts said that to further penetrate into new markets, local firms should employ technology to support handicraft production for a higher output of premium products while ensuring the unique fine features.

In addition, makers are advised to generate a variety of models and designs that meet current trends.

It is necessary for enterprises in the sector to build close connections. Coupled with Government support, it will create a group of qualified designers and market researchers who will play a key role in the sector, experts said.-VNA