The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Hanoi is set to develop a strategy to heighten Hanoi’s creative industries till 2020. It aims to promote the sustainable development of Hanoi’s creative industries.

According to the plan, the city will put more efforts into the development of the potential and established industries such as film, art performance, handicraft and cultural tourism. At the same time, Hanoi is investing in architecture, design, photography and exhibition.

Hanoi aims to raise the quality and revenue generated from these forms of creative industries and in turn, heightens the capacity to enjoy for city dwellers.

In particular, the film industry is striving to produce from 4 to 6 movie titles each year, mostly documentaries, animation and such. The city also plans to upgrade the cinema facilities for movie-goers.

Local authority is expecting that the creative industries will generate more revenues from now to 2030, and create more jobs for local residents./. - VNA