Hanoi has outlined seven necessary measures to prompt stronger economic growth in the remaining months of the year.

The capital will focus on:

· Reducing inventories
· Assisting business by lowering interest rates
· Applying more effective fiscal policies
· Removing difficulties for the property market
· Enhancing the provincial competitiveness index
· Strengthening information published on mass media
· Removing obstacles limiting production.

In implementing the set measures effectively, the city will continue reforming its management style for the better. In particular, the responsibility of leaders will be made clearer to prevent overlap and inefficiency.

In addition, the city will also focus on collecting the budget and speeding up disbursement of the funds, particularly to major projects.

More resources will also be invested in the building of new-style rural areas and in storm and flood prevention.

Hanoi plans to invest 150 billion VND (7.14 million USD) in trade promotion to bring its products to foreign markets.

In the first nine months of this year, the capital reaped a gross product growth of nearly 8 percent.-VNA