Hanoi asked to propose plan to protect archaeological site hinh anh 1Panoramic view of Vuon Chuoi archaeological site (Photo: Institute of Archeology)

Hanoi (VNA) -
Regarding the protection of the Vuon Chuoi archaeological site in Kim Chung Commune, Hoai Duc District, Hanoi from the current situation of being abused, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism proposed the Hanoi Municipal People's Committee to direct functional agencies to put this site into the list of relics inventory of the capital and set up scientific records to protect the relic in accordance with the law on cultural heritage.

The above information is clearly stated in the Official Dispatch 4550/BVHTTDL-DSVH of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to the Hanoi Municipal People's Committee on the protection of the Vuon Chuoi archaeological site.

Affirming historical and cultural values

The official letter stated that the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism issued Decision No. 1470/QD-BVH TTDL on April 23, 2019 allowing the Hanoi Department of Culture and Sports to coordinate with the Vietnam Institute of Archaeology to excavate the Vuon Chuoi archaeological site. The excavation was conducted in three sites, including Vuon Chuoi, Ren Ran and Mo Phuong.

The preliminary report of the results of archeological exploration, excavation and research has confirmed the historical, cultural and archaeological values of this site. Specifically, the excavation has discovered a large number of artifacts with many different materials of stone, copper, and ceramic dating back more than 2,000 years ago.

A representative of the Institute of Archeology said that the Vuon Chuoi archaeological site plays an important role in studying culture of periods of the metal age continuously developing from Dong Dau-Go Mun-Dong Son in Hanoi in particular and the North in general.

The Vuon Chuoi archaeological site was discovered and excavated for the first time in 1969.

Results from nine archaeological excavations have determined that this is a residence-burial complex developed continuously through the Dong Dau-Wood Mun-Dong Son cultural periods in the prehistoric period in northern Vietnam.

Especially, at present, the relics reflecting the stages of continuous cultural development from pre-Dong Son to Dong Son culture in Hanoi are small in number.

Adjustment of road expansion plan considered

However, the Vuon Chuoi archaeological site is within the scope of Kim Chung-Di Trach new urban area project of Hanoi, invested by Vietracimex Construction and Trading Joint Stock Corporation. The West of Vuon Chuoi lies within a belt road expansion plan of the city.

In October 2019, Vietracimex proceeded to build internal roads, level the urban area and build internal roads to transport materials in the south of the Vuon Chuoi mound. This has encroached on the relic areas.

Therefore, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism proposed the Hanoi People's Committee to direct the functional agencies to research and adjust the planning on the opening of road 3.5 to avoid the Vuon Chuoi relic area in accordance with the excavation results.

In addition, Hanoi needs to request the People's Committee of Hoai Duc district, the investor of the project, the construction unit to take measures to protect the site during the construction process, ensuring close coordination with the cultural authorities in monitoring the construction and to stop construction when discovering relics.

On November 12, the Hanoi Department of Culture and Sports sent a dispatch to the Hanoi People's Committee proposing a conservation solution when the site is being seriously violated. The Department's report stated that illegal digging of artifact still occurred at the Vuon Chuoi site after the excavation stopped./.