One month after opening, Hanoi Book Street has become a popular destination with not only book lovers but also locals and visitors to the capital. The street has turned to a tourist attraction with a modern, youthful and civilised atmosphere.

With 19 book stalls, with some from famous publishing houses such as Kim Dong, Nha Nam, and Phuong Nam, the Hanoi Book Street has become a popular spot for many locals.

The place is expected to honour reading culture, especially in the age of modern technology.

The book street was packed during its first two weeks and when there are major events.

The street is a rich cultural space where reading zones and book store areas are designed with a modern style, but more activities should be introduced to atracta greater number of visitors.

Many readers hoped that the street would have more areas for masterpieces of literature and cultural quintessence of mankind.

The book street has become a familiar place for book lovers. However, to increase the operational quality of the street, more intriguing activities should be introduced.-VNA