At 5 pm, in the rush hour, the route from Le Van Luong to Nguyen Tuan (Hanoi) is always congested if there is no competent force to regulate traffic. Crowded in those congested crowds were low-passenger BRTs.

Although it is called the rapid bus with high volume of transport, BRT only moves at the speed of a regular bus and the number of passengers per trip can only be counted on the fingers. Furthermore, the BRT uses the old road on the already congested route, many sections of the BRT share the same lane with other vehicles.

There have been many proposals to solve problems for BRT, including allowing regular buses to enter the BRT lane. However, this makes traffic even more chaotic as regular bus stops are often on the right side of the road.

With 5 very clear goals, but after 5 years of implementation, all 5 goals have not been achieved. Many people think that it is time to rethink the operation goals of the BRT in the future./.