Ecohome 2, a social housing project in Bac Tu Liem district, Hanoi, is offering 930 apartments for the capital’s lower-income groups.

The project is selling 659 apartments and renting out 204 others at reduced costs while offering 117 other facilities at normal commercial prices.

These affordable homes have been welcomed by locals, with 1,994 registering their interest with the Ecohome 2 management board.

To be eligible for the houses, a candidate must comply with a series of regulations. If found to have provided incorrect personal information to take advantage of the policy, they will have to pay a fine and face eviction. In cases of identity theft, criminal proceedings may follow.

Ecohome 2 will become operational in 2016.

An earlier Ecohome 1 project was inaugurated in December 2014 after 14 months of construction, and has been selling apartments at costs ranging from 400 to 800 million VND (18,605 - 37,209 USD).-VNA