As many as 100 scientists from several major universities across Asia gathered in Hanoi on March 2 for a meeting on sustainable sciences.

The Second International Conference on Sustainability Science in Asia (ICSS-Asia 2011), chaired by the directors of Hanoi’s National University and Tokyo University, discussed topics relating to the development of science and creating a safe environment for people to live in.

Also on the agenda were issues such as climate change, urban and rural sustainable development, environmental protection and human resources training in science.

The event is an opportunity for scientists to share their experiences on sustainable socio-economic development and help to link training and research establishments and international organisations operating in the communal sustainable development sector.

The event, part of international activities on environmental protection and climate change, aims to maintain efforts and commitments made by Vietnam and the international community on environmental protection for sustainable development.

The workshop also drew the participation of officials from non-governmental organisations from nations around the world./.