Hanoi has been named among the 20 best food tours around the world, according to a list released by The Guardian, a British daily newspaper.

The Guardian advises travelers that after banh da ca (soup made with tea-colored noodles from Haiphong), and banh cuon (minced pork and wood-ear mushrooms in rice sheets, sprinkled with fried shallots) dipped in a sauce that balances salt, sweet, spice and sour flavors using ingredients such as chilli and kalamansi, the balance tips towards sweet.

Take coffee in a tiny cafe where the floor is littered with pumpkin seed shells, and tuck into heavenly soft and chewy black fermented sticky rice with frozen yoghurt, the writer tips.

Earlier, Hanoi has been named among 10 cities guaranteed to turn you into a foodie, according to a list released by The Travel, the world's most interesting site for travel tips, guides, and facts./.