Hanoi will continue inspecting the recruitment of civil servants at all districts and communes as part of measures to prevent corruption, declared the municipal Department of Home Affairs.

Earlier, the Department was instructed to examine civil servant recruitment procedures at communes and districts and strictly punish any cases of violation.

The move was made following allegations from a senior district official that a person seeking employment for a government position of the city would have to pay at least 100 million VND (4,800 USD).

A report by the municipal People’s Committee earlier this month said inspections by authorised agencies had uncovered no cases of corruption in the past two years.

Recruitment board at all 28 districts have received and handled all relevant complaints. After investigations into 536 cases local police did confirm that 43 candidates were found to have used fake diplomas to seek employment.

To prevent corruption, the department has proposed that the Ministry of Home Affairs work with local departments to assess and finalise the implementation of clear and transparent regulations.

It also proposed that the Ministry of Education and Training improve their monitoring of the issuance of diplomas by universities and colleges to prevent fake certificates being used illegally.

Between 2011 and 2012 Hanoi employed nearly 20,000 civil servants.-VNA