Hanoi plans to invest approximately 8 trillion VND (374 million USD) to modernise its post and telecommunication infrastructure during 2012-2020 period.

The capital city’s Department of Information and Communications announced the development plan for the sector at a press conference on June 17 and said the city will apply modern and advanced technologies, aiming to improve public information supply and services.

The city will maintain the 3G technology development and continue investing in 4G technology.

Additionally, it also plans to put 80-90 percent of connecting cables and lines underground in urban areas and respectively 50-60 percent in the suburbs. The rate of households with internet connection is expected to reach 70-75 percent.

The investment of the capital is part of the whole country’s efforts in modernising information and communication infrastructure, creating a driving force for economic development.

Last month, the central city of Da Nang also announced that it will invest 2 million USD to cover wireless connection for the whole city.-VNA