Hanoi marks anniversary of Trung Sisters’ uprising hinh anh 1Illustrative Image (Source :phatgiao.org.vn)

Hanoi (VNA) – The anniversary of the uprising of national heroines Hai Ba Trung (the Trung Sisters) in the year 40AD was marked at Hai Ba Trung Temple in Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi on March 14.

Officials from the city and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism held an incense offering in honour of the heroic sisters at the ceremony. The event also retraced the story of the two sisters, Trung Trac and Trung Nhi during the uprising with an arts performance by the Vietnam Tuong Theatre.

Speaking at the event, officials of the district said the locality has carried out several repair and restoration works at the Hai Ba Trung relic temple complex, and at Vien Minh pagoda.

On the sixth day of the second lunar month in 40 AD, the Trung Sisters led a mass uprising against the Han invaders to reclaim national independence after more than 200 years of foreign rule. 

After defeating the invaders, Trung Trac became King. Three years later, the Han army returned and defeated the Trung sisters and their army, after which the sisters killed themselves by jumping into the Hat Giang river. 

The uprising has gone down in Vietnamese history as a demonstration of the nation's strength and patriotism, as well as the crucial role of Vietnamese women in national construction and defence.-VNA