After efforts from local authorities, the environmental system of ponds and lakes of Hanoi has improved markedly. However, many people still worry pollution will return. So what is the solution to maintaining green and sustainable rivers and lakes?

Ba Mau Lake is a place where wastewater from hundreds of households nearby is discharged. However, now after being treated, the lake has donned a completely new look.

Currently, Hanoi has handled 87 of the 125 urban lakes. From the contaminated area, indicators of pH level, microorganisms and suspended solid waste have decreased and met standards.

However, many urban lakes still have to endure large amount of discharged polluted domestic wastewater daily, not to mention few people are aware of protecting the environment. Therefore, many people are afraid that pollution will recur. Many experts believe that in the short term, it is necessary to strengthen and maintain community movements to protect the lake.

Although the authorities have taken many practical measures to protect urban lakes, the renovation and treatment of pollution requires more time and effort. Therefore, along with the efforts of local authorities and authorities, people's awareness is the key to urban lakes’ revival in a sustainable way.