Hanoi needs a total of 1.35 trillion VND (64 million USD) to deal with environmental pollution in its trade villages from now to 2030, according to the municipal Department of Industry and Trade.

Specifically, from now to 2020, the city will have to spend 750 billion VND building pollution treatment systems in 50 major trade villages, while 600 billion VND is needed to build such systems in other 30 trade villages in the 2021-2030 period.

Together with environmental pollution treatment, the capital city will increase campaigns to encourage businesses and households in the trade vilalges to follow regulations on environmental protection and hygiene.

It will also make policies to support businesses in promoting scientific and technological cooperation with foreign organisations in order to apply advanced pollution treatment technologies in the villages.

The city plans to move establishments that seriously pollute the environment from the residential areas.

According to the department, the living environment in Hanoi ’s trade villages is being seriously threatened by water, air, noise and land pollution. As many as 37 percent of local population suffer from eye and digestive diseases, while 20 percent and 31 percent get respiratory and skin diseases, respectively.

Local authorities have implemented a lot of measures to deal with pollution, including helping households tackle sewage, saving fuels, reducing noises, as well as increasing locals’ awareness of environmental protection.-VNA