Celebrated Japanese musicians will be performing at the Hanoi Opera House on Oct.9 for the second Japan-Vietnam Music Festival.

Performers include Sugi Ryotaro, folk singer Godai Natsuko and the bands AAA, Exile, W-inds and AKB48.

Ryotaro has sung at numerous charitable events in Viet Nam over the last 20 years. In 1997, President Tran Duc Luong presented him with the Friendship Order – the highest award for a non-Vietnamese citizen.

Natsuko has won numerous awards in Vietnam , including the Gold Prize at the National Folk Festival in 1990 and the 13th MATSUO arts award in 1992.

The tour by W-inds, made up of lead singer Keita, and backup artists Ryohei and Ryuichi, last summer attracted an audience of 100,000.

The festival coincided with the Opera House's 100th anniversary.

The performance will be screened on the outside of the Opera House and aired on Vietnam Television and Japan 's NHK channel.

Ryotaro, Natsuko and the band W-inds also performed at the first joint festival in 2008./.