A conference to enhance the sharing of experience in organising and operating trade union activities between the Hanoi Confederation of Labour (HCL) and its counterpart of Oslo, Norway, was held in Hanoi on June 17-18, focusing on developing the negotiation skills of grassroots activists.

HCL Deputy President Le Thanh Da said his organisation and the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions in Oslo (LO-Oslo) have successfully organised 11 such workshops, adding the experience shared by Norwegian delegates was useful to the operation of HCL union branches.

As a result, many officials from local branches have improved their bargaining skills during the contract negotiation process as well as in persuading employers to pay more attention to workers’ interest.

LO-Oslo Deputy General Secretary Lill Fanny Saether highly valued the outcomes of workshops held by the two sides, and underscored the important role played by labour union branches in the negotiation and signing of collective labour contracts.

Delegates shared examples of their experience in the work, which helped participants improve their own capacity in implementing trade union activities and protecting the legitimate benefits and rights of labourers.-VNA