Hanoi (VNA) – The Department of Public Security of Hanoi has proposed the municipal People’s Procuracy prosecute 29 persons for “murder” and “resisting on-duty officers” that killed three police officers in Dong Tam commune of the city’s suburban My Duc district on January 9.

Local police said on June 12 that they had handed over dossiers and conclusions of the investigation into this case to the municipal People's Procuracy.

They found that there were 29 persons who had built and carried out a plan to resist and annihilate the task performing force, and all resided in Dong Tam commune.

They had repeatedly pour petrol into a pit where three policemen were trapped, and set fire, which directly caused the three deaths, police said, noting that these were barbarous acts intended to kill many people and thus, must be strictly handled.

Meanwhile, police did not mention the settlement of Le Dinh Kinh, who was the mastermind behind the disturbance case and distorted the origin of the land for defence purposes in the Dong Senh area, as he had died.

The investigation also showed that while soldiers of the air defence – air force service of the Ministry of National Defence were building fencing walls around the Mieu Mon airfield, the police force tasked with guaranteeing security and order there had been repeatedly attacked by the rioters armed with grenades, petrol bombs, bricks and stones in the vicinity of the gate of Hoanh hamlet, Dong Tam commune./