According to HàNội Sewage and Drainage Company, the city’s lakes are contaminated with animal fats. TôLịch, Kim Ngưu, Lừ and Sét rivers and 13 other lakes in the city are polluted with grease, up to 2.5mg per litre, higher than the national standard.  Undissolved and accumulated grease sticks to sewers. Without proper treatment, the grease will heavily pollute the environment.

In a recent seminar held in Hanoi, Hungarian experts shared experience to help Hanoi remove oil and grease from water and purify the city’s lakes.

Experts said removing oil and grease from water is extremely necessary. The application of the device will be considered carefully to ensure conformity with HàNội’s climate and environmental conditions. Although the installation fee is high, they bring about enormous environmental benefits.-VNA