Several sophisticated handmade products and food specialties will be presented to the public at a spring fair that opens in Hanoi on January 18.

The once-valuable food items, used as offerings to kings in the past, include sam cam bird (Fulica atra), Anh Vu fish, Vong village young sticky rice, Tu Le sticky rice, Ngu banana, dried longan, Nga Son mat and Van Phuc silk, among many others.

Visitors to the 800-booth fair at the Giang Vo Exhibition Centre will also have a chance to sample and purchase hundreds of specialties from every region in the country, including fresh fruit from the Mekong Delta, Ly Son garlic, Phu Quoc fish sauce and Tan Cuong tea.

Several traditional cultural activities such as festivals and folk games will also be held at another spring fair to be held in Hanoi between January 21 and 26.

In addition, craftsmen from traditional villages in Hanoi will showcase their handmade products. Van Phuc silk, Bat Trang ceramics, Phu Vinh rattan, Quat Dong embroidery, Dinh Cong silverware and Ha Thai lacquerware will be on display.

The fair will also feature famous specialties of Hanoi such as Hang Duong o mai (salted fruit), Hang Than sweetened young sticky rice cake, Ho Tay shrimp cake, Uoc Le pork paste and La Vong grilled fish.

According to To Van Dong, a representative of the fair's organisers, the Hanoi Culture, Sports and Tourism Department, the spring fair, which takes place at 30 Van Cao street, aims to promote specific cultural features of Hanoi.-VNA