The crowded Trang Tien Street (Hanoi) is now becoming more and more bustling with the new 'hot' painting gallery by artist Cyril Kongo, a graffiti art monument.

It is also the world's first and only solo art exhibition by artist Cyril Kongo. He chose Vietnam because he has Vietnamese blood and always tends to his ancestors despite many years away from the country. Therefore, this project carries a lot of spiritual value to Kongo himself as it is like a home for him to return to after years of exploring the world.

The project aims to bring graffiti as well as street-art type closer to art enthusiasts in Vietnam in particular and Vietnamese in general; to spread the success story of a Vietnamese street artist to young art enthusiasts in Vietnam so that you will have more motivation to pursue your passion and for Vietnam to have more world-class artists.

Cyril Kongo is no longer a strange name for street-art lovers in the world. His real name is Cyril Phan, born in 1969 in Toulouse, France in a family whose father is Vietnamese and his mother is French. He is one of the rare faces of graffiti artists that world-renowned brands like Hèrmes, Chanel, Richard Mille, Maserati “try before you trust” for top art cooperation projects.

Since opening day, many guests as well as young people have come to check-in this interesting art place. The gallery promises to be an attractive destination for domestic and international art lovers./.