Hanoi’s health sector said that it will add more than one thousands doctors to the municipal health worker contingent to achieve the number of doctors the city needs to provide properly qualified health services for its citizens.

According to the city Department of Health, Hanoi currently has 5,313 doctors but still lack 1,177 more to achieve the set goal, the department said.

According to the department, the city also plans to add another 386 hospital beds to minimize the number of bed-sharing patients.

Nguyen Van Dung, Deputy Director of the city’s Department of Health, said that besides encouraging all economic sectors to invest in health services, the health sector will make the most of the information and automatic technologies to create convenience for patients.

Dung said the sector launched a campaign to change medical staff’s attitude to bring satisfaction to patients while maintaining hotlines and making those hotlines’ phone numbers known to all citizens to timely address any problems.

The sector will cut red tape, provide 10 online services and publicise 144 administrative procedures on the department’s portal to bring convenience to all citizens, he added.-VNA