Hanoi to finish underground power cable network in 2016 hinh anh 1Workers are building an underground power cable in Xa La Urban Area in Hanoi. (Source: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA)
- Hanoi will finish building an underground power cable network to service 200 streets in four inner districts this year.

It is one of nine key tasks that will be implemented this year by the Steering Committee of the Public Order and Urban Civility. The campaign, which aims to facilitate public order and urban civility, has also focused on refining the behaviours of Hanoians.

For this task, the campaign's Steering Committee has penned the motto "easy to understand, remember and implement."

An official from the city's Steering Committee said this year's tasks aim to improve the lifestyle of local residents by making changes in communication, behaviour, traffic, Government offices and public culture.

First, the committee will strengthen dissemination and raise awareness of traffic regulations via mass media, schools and social organisations.

It also asked the authorities of four central districts to hang posters advertising the strict violations.

Secondly, the procedure for granting construction site licences and advertising boards in public areas will be re-examined.

Third, the city will regulate the traffic on main roads during rush hour to lessen traffic jams.

Fourth, untidy pavements covered with rocks, gravel, water pipes and electric wires will be checked and repaired.

Temporary markets and shops that encroach upon pavement and streets will be relocated.

Fifth, flowers and trees will be re-planted in public areas, and the management and preservation of parks and public gardens will be enhanced.

Sixth, the campaign will mobilise the masses in an anti-littering campaign, which will send additional trucks to collect the rubbish.

Seventh, the public lighting system will be repaired, and all lights will be replaced with light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs.

The last objective is to improve the management of newly-built roads.-VNA