For the first time ever, Vietnam will host the 7 th international exhibition and competition for young inventors in science and technology, to be held in Hanoi from December 16-18.

As many as 700 inventors and 200 stands from 40 different countries and organisations will take part in the event, announced the Vietnam Fund for Supporting Technological Creations (VIFOTEC) at a press briefing on August 19.

The young Vietnamese inventors, aged between 6-19, will compete from September 21-26. They will present their inventions in one of five areas, including learning aids, software, children’s toys, environmental protection and energy saving measures.

According to Le Xuan Thao, VIFOTEC’s permanent deputy chairman, Vietnam needs to encourage its young people to become more creative if the country wants to turn itself into an industrialised nation.

He said that previous competitions had revealed that Vietnamese children have a lot of potential and abilities compared with other nations. He also called on support from both international and domestic organisations and businesses to make the event a success./.