The 4th National Recreational Dance Championship will be held in the capital in July with both professional and amateur hip-hop dancers taking part.

The annual contest, organised by the Vietnam Recreational e-Sport and Electronic Sport Association and called Floor Killer this year, will see dancers from Vietnam and abroad go head-to-head in knockout contests.

The event will feature the world's six fastest growing hip-hop genres: breaking, hip hop, locking, popping, waacking and house.

The jury will comprise famous dancers from Vietnam, the Republic of Korea, Thailand, and Japan.

This year’s event will also feature performances by two guest dancers from Germany, Uwe Donaubauer and Louis Becker.

Donaubauer graduated from the FRK Dance Academy in Austria as a hip-hop, breakdance and locking instructor, while Becker is one of the best known B-Boys in Germany and studied hip-hop at the Tanzzwiet Dance School in Berlin.-VNA