Hanoi National University will be the first in Vietnam to offer graduate degrees in sustainable science, a move that will bring more professionalism to research on sustainability policies.

Professor Vu Minh Giang, deputy president of the university, said that to date, there are only practical training courses provided for experts in the field, but no courses on policy research. By offering this degree, the university hopes to provide policy makers with deeper insights and opportunities to connect with global leaders in sustainability research, he said at the international conference on sustainability science in Asia on March 6.

The three-day conference that ended the same day brought over a hundred academics, researchers and funding agencies to discuss sustainable development in Asia through proposed and potential collaborative projects.

Akimasa Sumi, a University of Tokyo professor, said a concrete plan of action for economic development is neccessary in a developing country. He also noted that many people believe plans for economic development should go hand-in-hand with plans to adapt to climate change.

"To create a plan as to how to adapt to climate change, we need to share an image of the future society in the global warming age. In other words, the image of a sustainable society. We have to propose a concrete action plan for this society, suitable to each region," he said.

President of Hanoi National University Mai Trong Nhuan said his university will likely invite foreign experts in the field to serve on the faculty of this programme.

"We hope our programme will soon meet the world standard," he said./.