April 6 is the day all students in Hanoi’s elementary schools and junior high schools can return to their schools after nearly a year of online learning.

From 7 am, many parents brought their children to Ba Trieu Elementary School early. The students were all in a state of excitement for they can return to their classrooms. Some parents, after taking their children to school, stayed back to see their children. The local police force was mobilized to regulate traffic and ensure order around the school’s area.

When the students enter the school, they will be guided to their class by teachers. Their body temperature will be measured. Their hand will be disinfected and they need to wear masks.

The school also carefully prepares multiple plans for teaching and learning on the first day of reopening.

In case a student has a fever, cough, or gets a positive result on the COVID-19 test, the school also has a specific plan to handle the situation immediately according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health to avoid spreading disease and ensure the safety of other students./.