A live television programme linking Hanoi and Moscow will be held on Oct. 31 to mark the 70 th anniversary of the historic military parade on the Red Square and the beginning of the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union (Oct. 7, 1941).

The three-hour programme will cover the most important milestones in Russia ’s history from 1941 to the victory day on May 9, 1945, said the programme’s general director, Lai Van Sam, who is also Head of Vietnam Television’s Sports, Entertainment and Economic Information Department.

He added that the programme aims to highlight the country, cities, events and especially the fate of people of Russia during the war through Russian songs and melodies.

The TV link with the Hanoi Friendship Palace on one side and the Art Performance Centre of Kosmos Hotel in Moscow on the other side will be broadcast live on VTV3 and VTV4 channels.
November 7, 1941, saw the most unusual military parade in Russia ’s history. At that time, the Second World War was raging on. Right from Red Square in Moscow , accompanied by the poignant tune of “Slavyanka Farewell”, the soldiers went straight to the frontline./.