Hanoi ’s consumer price index (CPI) in June fell slightly by 0.17 percent against last month, but rose by 6.32 percent compared with the same period last year, according to the Hanoi ’s Statistics Office.

Out of 11 groups of commodities, only post and telecoms services remained unchanged.

There was a slight reduction of 0.05 percent in restaurants prices and catering services; housing, electricity, water, fuel and construction materials dropped by 1.86 percent and transport costs were 1.73 percent lower.

Other groups, including beverages and tobacco; textiles, hats and footwear; household equipment and utensils; medicines and health care services; culture, entertainment and tourism services and education all saw price rises.

Textiles, hats and footwear took the lead with a rise of 1.35 percent over the previous month, however most other groups experienced increases of less than one percent.

Economic analysts attribute the contraction in restaurant prices and catering services in June to the general trend of foodstuffs dropping in price thanks to bumper crops and abundant supplies in the southern provinces.

The falling global price of oil and gas has also helped to lower domestic prices.

During the January-June period, the average monthly growth rate stood at 0.42 percent and the average CPI for the first six months rose by 11.38 percent over the same period last year.-VNA