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Hanoi (VNA) - The credit growth of Hanoi reached 19.5 percent this year, more than 2 percentage points higher than the banking industry's goal, according to the municipal Statistics Office.

Statistics showed that the outstanding loans totalled 1.208 trillion VND (53.69 million USD) as of December, in which short-term outstanding loans rose by 17.9 percent and medium- and long-term outstanding loans rose by 22.3 percent.

The total capital raised during the past twelve months rose by 21.8 percent against the same period to total 1.45 trillion VND (64.45 million USD).

According to the statistics office, this was due to the central bank's efforts to boost the credit accessibility for businesses during the year-end months.

Other economic indicators also revealed the capital city's growth this year.

The city's gross regional domestic product (GRDP) rose by 9.24 percent over the previous year, largely driven by the industry and construction sectors which grew by 9.11 percent and the service sector which rose by 9.91 percent.

The statistics office said that the State management agencies, during the past twelve months, raised measures to tackle difficulties for firms while improving the business climate and national competitiveness.

The total retail sales of goods and services of the capital city increased by 11.7 percent, statistics showed.

The city collected 146.58 trillion VND (6.51 billion USD) to the budget 2015, 3.5 percent higher than the estimate for the full year.-VNA