On August 19th, the Directive which enforces social distancing at all restaurants and eateries as required by the People’s Committee of Hanoi takes effect.

However, some restaurants are still crowded with customers, and the customers do not wear masks according to the regulations.

Restaurants and stalls must strictly follow the regulations as arranging seats at least 1 meter from each other and take the customer’s body temperature. 

For those that have not been followed the Directive, the functional forces ask them to sign the commitments to comply with regulations.

There are restaurants which already installed mica shields to ensure safe distance for customers.

Mr. Pham Duc Tuan, manager of restaurants 123 on Phu Doan street said: “During this outbreak, according to the directive of. functional forces, we have to install shields to prevent the spread of Covid-19. This Directive is very good and reasonable as it ensures our health as well as avoids spreading in the community. We also hope that Vietnam can quickly overcome this outbreak to stabilize the economic situation and develop good business"./.