Artwork creators require lots of inspirations and especially a quiet atmosphere while most art admirers live in hectic urban areas. Artists and art lovers are thought hardly to meet up but a village, only 8km away from the city centre, is making itself a rendezvous for them.

Lying at the confluence of Red and Duong rivers, the outskirts village of Bac Cau has now become a promising land for artists.

Leaving the bustling city life, these artists have chosen this tranquil village to be their art sanctuary.

Explaining the reason to choose Bac Cau village to live, Bui Hoang Duong, an artist living in the village said: "I have many friends here in Bac Cau village. We are like birds with same feathers flocking together. At this river bank village it’s very peaceful and the weather here is so cool. One important thing is that the house rental here is quite affordable."

Meanwhile, according to Nguyen Minh Phuong another artist in the village, there are lots of space there and also artists can meet each other. The atmosphere there is amazing, very suitable for creating art works, she added.

Hiding from the hectic atmosphere of Hanoi city centre, not many people choose BacCau village to live. Yet it is also the reason why artists consider the village a wonderland as their creative work needs a great deal of concentration.

At first, most artists just rented houses here for working. However, after a long time sticking with the peaceful village, many of them have grown a love for the place and decided to build a house and even galleries here.

Artist Nguyen Hung “Ro” said: "My clients love visiting this village during summer as they also can taste dishes of river fish at a common beer restaurant right at the village entrance. When coming here, they can see the pictures with their own eyes and decide which ones they should buy. Then I will make sure the pictures are delivered to their door."

Living amid an artist community allows these painters sit down together quite often to discuss arts and life stuff.

Artist Nguyen Hung “Ro” told reporters: "We meet up once or twice a week beyond working hours to have a meal or sing together. Also when one sells some paintings, they often share the joy with others."

Vietnamese old saying has it that birds often perch at good lands. It can be expected that Bac Cau village would be that good land from which masterpieces would be created.-VNA