Hanoi floriculturists are busy with growing high-quality flowers, branding and documenting them for export.

Each year, local farmers supply an average 1,000-1,100 million flower branches, 1 million pots and 1-1.2 million ornamental plants to the market, of which over 85 percent are put on sale in Hanoi and neighbouring areas, while some 10-12 percent make their way to other cities and provinces.

About 3-5 percent of Hanoi ’s flower output, mostly roses, chrysanthemum and gladioluses are exported to China and Cambodia.

In addition, peach blossom and kumquat trees, which are traditional decorations for the Lunar New Year, have also found their way abroad, particularly to countries with large Vietnamese communities such as Russia , Germany and the US.

In flower-growing areas in Tu Liem, Me Linh and Tay Ho districts, farmers can earn around 300 million VND (14,200 USD) per hectare each year. Top-quality roses even rake in 1-1.2 billion VND (470,000 – 570,000 USD) per hectare per year.

Thanks to high profits, the acreage of flower cultivation has been growing over years, from 2,100 hectares in 2011 to 2,650 hectares in 2012 and 2,700 hectares this year.

Some 50 large-scale cultivation areas of over 20 hectares have formed in outlying districts of Tu Liem, Me Linh, Tay Ho, Dan Phuong and Thuong Tin.

Compared to 2010, the acreage of lilies has jumped from 2.75 to 80-100 hectares while that of high-quality roses surged to 150 hectares from 23 hectares.-VNA