An art exhibition featuring paintings created from natural leaves will open to public in Hanoi on March 7.

Titled “Dance of Leaves”, the exhibition showcases 20 unique artworks by artist Le Dac Trung.

Inspired by Kazuo Akasaki, the first Asian artist to have his work exhibited at the “Salon de Paris” – the official art exhibition of the French Academy of Fine Arts in Paris – for his contribution to leaf painting art, Trung has successfully created a new approach to the form by manually treating the leaves in different temperatures.

This breakthrough has added more colour and liveliness to leaf paintings.

Trung's work presents diverse aspects of Vietnamese daily life, taking people on an unprecedented tour of an authentic Vietnam.

Through his paintings, visitors can contemplate the plain and simple countryside of horizontal green fields, the blossom of a lotus under moonlight or a calm corner of bustling Hanoi.

The very first leaf painting exhibition in Hanoi will be held in the lobby of the Sofitel Plaza Hanoi, 1 Thanh Nien Road, until May 7.-VNA